Religious Education Registration

A Note from the Director of Religious Education to Parents

“...parents are by word and example...the first heralds of the faith with regards to their children.” (CCC 1656)

When we share faith stories with our children we help them come to know, hear and make a conscious response to the call to follow Jesus. Sharing stories about the life and ministry of Jesus and sharing our own faith stories helps your child to see God’s action in our lives - in their lives.

Your child comes to know God’s love through your love.

Your child has a divine purpose, a divine mission; a vocation to fulfill that is unique. Their response to this call is primary to their happiness.

God has placed them in your care to receive the most basic formation for His divine plan in their life.

Our Family Faith Formation provides preparation for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion along with continuing faith formation after the Sacraments. It’s important to remember that the lived faith experience within your family provides essential elements which build a strong foundation of faith.

Together with families and the parish community, Family Faith Formation seeks to foster the whole family’s growth in a relationship with our God who will grant the grace to: 1.) Desire to follow Jesus Christ as His disciples within the Church community. 2.) Choose to live (as they mature) as His apostles in the world.

A moment will come in the life of your child where they will need to decide for themselves whether or not they will be a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ and a responsible member of His Church.

You are not alone in preparing them for this moment.

If you would like the parish community to support you in the formation of your child and family’s relationship with Christ, consider registering for one of our programs.

Together In Christ,
Laura Diaz
Director of Family Faith Formation