Operations Ministries 

Director, Jennifer Cummings-Martin

Parish Staff

Our staff is here to serve you as you journey the path of discipleship.  The Pastor, clergy, Directors of Liturgy, Outreach, Formation, and Operations, and staff of the Parish, Formation, and Youth Ministries Offices  are ready and willing to provide service and companionship for the journey.  Our mission is as trusted servants of the Lord to Hear Jesus’ call to be His disciples, to give our lives entirely over to Jesus, and to share in Jesus’ redemptive mission.

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Finance Council

The purpose of Saint Kateri’s Finance Council is to assist and advise the pastor and parish administrator in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish.  The Finance Council consists of a diversified group of parishioners with a wide variety of relevant business and financial experience.  They meet monthly to review parish income and expenses, the annual budget, fundraising activities, and the financial aspects and overall progress of the parish’s financial status. Click here to meet the Finance Council.  Mike Hughes, Finance Council Chair, can be reached at fourhughess@msn.com

Pastoral Council

Pastors establish councils because they seek practical advice on pastoral matters. They believe that God's Spirit speaks through their people. They consult their councils because they want to know what is wise and prudent.  Outside experts cannot judge what is best for a particular parish, because they are not part of it. Councils offer what no expert can offer: a judgment about what is right for a particular parish.  That is the pastor's primary motive for having a council. Click here to meet the Pastoral Council.  Jennifer Schmid, Pastoral Council Chair, can be reached at pastoralcouncil@saintkateriparish.org.


The Hospitality Ministry provides food and fellowship following Mass and other events.  They serve the parish by providing a space where people can connect, share stories, and build community.

Saint Kateri Parish Professionals

Saint Kateri Parish Professionals consists of parishioners who own a business or provide a product or service.  They donate at least 5% of their profits from any referral to the Building Fund.  When you call a Saint Kateri Parish Professional, please state that you are calling from the Saint Kateri Referral List in order for the Parish to receive these donations.  Click here for the list of Professionals

Wedding Coordinator 

Weddings at Saint Kateri are celebrated with joy. Maureen Dunnahoo, Joyce Valenzuela, and Judy Janusek, our Liturgical Event Coordinators, serve the couples preparing for their joyous day with servant hearts.  From the smallest convalidation to the grandest wedding, our coordinators will make sure that every detail is cared for. For more information, please contact Maureen Dunnahoo at (661) 296-3180 ext. 7827 or mdunnahoo@saintkateriparish.org.

The Ark Nursery 

Childcare Services--The Ark Nursery serves children from 2-3 years of age (do not need to be potty-trained)
661.296.3180 ext. 7912
Coordinator: Janet Rivas, jrivas@saintkateriparish.org
Assistant Coordinator: Lesley Camiaioni, lcamaioni@saintkateriparish.org
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