In this time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks, you lost your whole family in a pandemic that swept your entire village. We come to you today, with bended knees, asking your intercession in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, that God will stop the spread of this plague throughout the whole world.

Though partially blind, disfigured and crippled, you trekked the rough terrain to encounter God. Help us to encounter God in this difficult and uncertain time. Help us to encounter God as we take refuge in our homes. Help us to encounter God in the ICU’s and isolated rooms of hospitals. Help us to encounter God in our city halls and government buildings. Restore our sight to find Jesus and allow Him to love us.

Teach us to listen to the voice of God in the stillness of our hearts. Allow us to experience the beauty and peace of God that will bring us hope. Help us to transform our disfigured and sinful lives and lead us to the fountain of life. Through the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ, allow us to see the Light and celebrate again the victory of God over sin and death. Amen.







June 1, 2020  

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the living Christ, 


I trust that your experience of the Pentecost was immense and powerful. Soon we will be opening our Parish church. In order to get there, each parish has been requested to provide a detailed plan for reopening to the Regional Bishop for review and approval and have just received the essential element of the framework for submittal.  Once our plan is reviewed and approved, and the staff and volunteers are ready to implement, the Church will be opened in a careful and caring manner. 

I pray for your on-going patience and understanding and encourage you to continue to pray with your families.  Your domestic church is a vital branch of our Parish Church. We are facing a dangerous virus and it is essential that as people of God, we care for one another. My office Staff and I are committed and are working hard to ensure your safety and give the highest value to the sanctity of our human life. I will let you know our date of opening as soon as I know. 

In the meantime, we continue to provide non-public livestream daily Masse and prayers, in addition to our livestream on Saturday at 5:30pm available through Sunday. Below is our live streaming schedule: 

10 a.m. Daily Mass 

12 p.m. Angelus 

  3 p.m. Divine Mercy 

  6 p.m. Holy Rosary and Angelus 

All are available via Saint Kateri Facebook page. At Communion time, pray the Act of Spiritual Communion. Please visit our Parish Website ( and Facebook page ( for regular updates. 

Our ministries are alive and thriving.  You will be interested to know: 

Evangelization and Formation 

  • Missionary Discipleship 
  • Actively at work defining a lasting foundation and curricula on forming leaders of small Christian communities. 
  • Families have been participating in weekly “Faith at Home” activities. The activities are connected to the upcoming Sunday Liturgy and weekly Gospel. They also share their faith journey reflection activities with us which we in turn, share with the larger parish community.  
  • Confirmation 
  • Level 1 (2020-2021 incoming class) registration process is being prepared. The Confirmation Family Gathering scheduled for April (which is when prospective families learn about our parish's program) was postponed. We are preparing to launch via online video and expect approximately 120 families to sign up this year. 
  • Level 2 (2020-2021) - Teens from last year's level 1 are transitioning to level 2 in the Fall. The same volunteer facilitators will accompany them in their small groups in level 2.  We are preparing a potential "online" startup for the Fall. 
  • Confirmation Level 2 (2019-2020) - teens who have finished 2 years of Confirmation prep are ready to be Confirmed. We are awaiting a date. 
  • RCIA  
  • The Adult RCIA continues to meet with the elect, catechumens and candidates via Zoom every Sunday morning to read and discuss the Gospel.  
  • Eleven new adults have expressed a desire to become Catholic so we will begin Inquiry sessions via Zoom with them Sunday, June 7. The Youth RCIA have also been meeting regularly via Zoom to discuss the Gospel and do an activity related to becoming Catholic. Both groups can be seen in the video on this link: 


  • The Knights of Columbus hosted a Food Drive in the parking lot last Saturday. Food insecurity is real and becoming more prevalent in our communities.  All food donated this weekend will go to families here in Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Grocery, and to families in Mecca, CA who seek food at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  

Be sure to wear your face mask for your appointment. Remember to complete your RapidPass on your smart device/mobile phone on the day of your appointment. Photo ID required to donate. Hope to see you there! 

  • Through the help of the GO FISH Ministry and other parishioners, we continue to provide dinner and lunch for people at the Bridge To Home Shelter.  If you would like to help by contributing to a dinner meal, cooking on Zoom with others, or by making sack lunches at home, please email   
  • Our annual support for the SCV Pregnancy Center Baby Bottle fundraiser generally runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day.  If you would like to support them, please visit