Emergency Sacramental Care

In the event of a serious illness or death, please call our Emergency Sacramental Care line at (661) 586-0372.  Emergency Sacramental Care may include the Anointing of the Sick or Anointing at the time of Death.


Funerals/Memorials/Vigils/Graveside Services:

Please accept our most sincere sympathies for your loss.  Our hearts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.  The community of Saint Kateri Parish is here to walk with you as you arrange services for your beloved deceased.  Depending on your needs and the circumstances, options for liturgical services include a Funeral Mass, a funeral outside of Mass (without the Rite of Eucharist), a memorial service, Vigil services such as the Recitation of the Most Holy Rosary, and/or a graveside internment service.  Arrangements will need to be coordinated with the mortuary, mausoleum or cemetery.  Please contact Parish Secretary & Bereavement Minister Patti Rizzo at (661) 296-3180, Ext. 7905, to begin making arrangements that will honor the life of your family member or friend.


Bereavement Care:

The Bereavement Ministry of Saint Kateri Parish provides a compassionate, caring presence to those in the community experiencing or preparing for loss.  Volunteers to this ministry are rewarded by serving those in the greatest need of God's compassion and love. Through Christ's love and the power of the Holy Spirit, we bring comfort as we allow ourselves to be used by Him to bring His light and love to those who are grieving.  We will assist you in planning a liturgy that meets your needs, including assisting at the Funeral Mass or other liturgy, the selection of readings and music, and coordinating the details of the liturgy.  We want you to know that we are here to listen and support you through this difficult time, not just for the day of the service, but also in the weeks to follow.  We provide ongoing community support and outreach, including facilitating support groups and offering special celebrations and remembrance ceremonies such as the All Soul's Day Mass and the annual Widow/Widower's Mass & Brunch.  Please contact Parish Secretary & Bereavement Minister Patti Rizzo at (661) 296-3180, Ext. 7905 for bereavement services and information on support groups.


Pre-Need Planning for Funeral Services:

For most people, planning our final arrangements is not something that we prepare for.  However, preplanning is a very loving option which offers much peace of mind to those we leave behind. This is the best way to assure that your final wishes are considered, while lifting some of the burdens and decisions off the shoulders of your family members.  Please contact Parish Secretary & Bereavement Minister Patti Rizzo at (661) 296-3180, Ext. 7905 for pre-need planning services. 



Reception planning and resources are also available, based on Hall availability.  For information on reception planning, please contact Director of Operations Renée Fields at (661) 296-3180, Ext. 2452.